Genesis 355-150 S

The new Genesis 355-150 S from Coherent delivers more than 150mW of TEM00 output for flow cytometry and other live-cell bio applications.

This new laser, as with all other Genesis 355 series lasers, is based on the company's optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology. This new laser is a true CW source of 355nm UV laser light avoiding the potential high peak power problems arising from older quasi CW lasers. With low output noise and a single spatial output mode (M2<1.2), the new Genesis 355-150 S laser is ideal for high-throughput applications needing best signal-to-noise ratio data.

The high power of the Genesis 355-150 S is intended to increase the throughput of live cell applications including flow cytometry, such as egg and fertilised-egg sorting, where the peak power of alternative, modelocked lasers poses significant risk of mutagenic damage to the DNA in the sorted cells.  It is also an excellent source for other fluorescence-based applications, including confocal microscopy, where its short wavelength and low M2 beam provide optimum excitation of Hoechst and Indo dyes. Moreover, these confocal microscopes often rely on fibre delivery, which can be problematic for the high peak power levels of quasi CW lasers.