Genesis Taipan HD series

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An expanded series of light show and entertainment lasers from Coherent enable show designers to produce sophisticated visual displays and effects with increased brightness and better definition.

Specifically, the company’s newest Genesis Taipan HD series lasers all offer TEM00beam characteristics, and are available with powers between 2 and 5W at six standard Taipan wavelengths (460nm, 480nm, 488nm, 532nm, 577nm, and 590nm) matching most of the standard Taipan Multitransverse Mode (MTM) product line. This wide selection of wavelengths allows laser projectors to deliver a full palette of primary colours, plus tinted white and mixed colours, such as D65 white. All Genesis Taipan HD products have the same compact footprint and low electrical/thermal budget as other Taipan lasers, as well as the usual 50kHz direction modulation, simplifying their integration in existing projectors. 

The TEM00 output beam of Taipan HD lasers is critical to their ability to produce sharper displays. Specifically, this type of output delivers the possibility for diffraction limited divergence resulting in the smallest achievable projected spot size, and hence the highest possible brightness. In contrast, most light show lasers generate a so-called multi-transverse mode beam, which produces much larger, irregular and dimmer projected spots or graphics, especially if multiple laser diode emitters or laser sources were used and beam-combined. Preliminary testing indicates 1.8X increase in brightness for the Taipan HD laser over other sources. In addition, their smooth Gaussian beam profile enables white displays with the absolute minimum of colour fringing.

All Coherent Genesis Taipan lasers are based on the company’s unique optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology. Characterized by scalable power and wavelength as well as high unit to unit consistency, this all solid state technology has been proven to be the most reliable visible laser type anywhere, with tens of thousands of units in the field.