Sapphire 488 LP and Sapphire 561 LP

Coherent has introduced two new lasers for bioinstrumentation applications, delivering what the company claims is the highest power yet available in a compact package. The Sapphire 488 LP now offers 150mW of CW output at 488nm, while the Sapphire 561 LP provides 200mW of power at 561nm. The two new lasers both measure 125 x 70 x 34mm, making them easy to integrate into benchtop instrumentation applications. Integration is further aided by the efficiency of the optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology utilised in Sapphire LP series products, producing minimal waste heat. A USB interface enables simple software control of the laser and provides a readout of the its status.

The Sapphire LP 488 and Sapphire LP 561 are primarily targeted at life science applications, such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and sequencing in genomics and proteomics. In these uses, the combination of small size and high output power enables construction of compact instruments. Furthermore, these cost effective lasers do not sacrifice performance; they deliver good beam quality (M²<1.1), low noise (<0.25 per cent rms from 20Hz to 2MHz) and high pointing stability (<30μrad), resulting in stable, low noise instrument operation. Coherent states that OPSL technology has a long track record of delivering reliability and long lifetimes, therefore enabling minimum long term cost of ownership.