Xenics’ Gobi-640, an uncooled thermal camera, is now available in a very compact form factor with a GigE-Vision interface.

The Gobi-640-GigE infrared camera for the long-wave eight to 14µm wavelength range now comes with a 640 x 480 image resolution and 17µm pitch micro-bolometer array. The camera detects very small temperature differences down to 0.05ºC and delivers thermal images at up to 50Hz. Its high-performance read-out and pre-amplifier circuitry provides detail-rich images.

The new Gobi-640-GigE Xenics integrates the certified industry-standard GigE interface, which is becoming increasingly popular. With GigE Vision, it is much easier for system integrators and end users to directly integrate IR cameras in their proprietary setups and processes and take advantage of Xenics' performance features for long wave infrared applications.