Green diode lasers as 515nm

Omicron-Laserage Laserprodukte has introduced a new range of laser diodes to its existing diode-based lasers, offering a new green wavelength at 515nm. The new wavelength is especially well suited to biotechnological applications, where it offers an alternative to conventional argon gas and DPSS lasers.

The laser does away with opto-acoustic modulators by way of its fast direct analogue modulation (up to 500 Megahertz), which in turn keeps the size and cost of the laser low. The laser offers high efficiency and long lifetime, emitting 25mW optical output for an input power of only 5W (for Luxx diode lasers). System readiness takes less than two minutes, and the laser features the company's innovative optics which are able to compensate for astigmatism; both the beam profile (diameter of 1.1 millimetre 1/e²) is perfectly round, as is its focus.

When the new wavelength options are combined with the company's Deepstar diode laser, which features a very large modulation depth (>2,500,000:1), the application of the 515nm diode leads to impressive results. Especially developed for biotechnology, the laser series Luxx and Phoxx with the new 515nm diode will mainly replace DPSS lasers with the same wavelength. Thus the Omicron products Sole Light Engine and Light Hub Beam Combiner will be complemented optimally. The new wavelength 515nm is available for all Omicron laser models with immediate effect.