G2 lasers

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Mobius Photonics, a producer of short-pulsed fibre laser sources, has announced the introduction of G2 - a family of short-pulsed, high-power, high-repetition-rate fibre laser sources that can produce either ultraviolet, green or infrared output.

G2 lasers are intended for applications that demand precision processing and rapid throughput, including microvia drilling, stereolithography and printed circuit board trenching.

They are offered in three standard configurations - one that can produce up to 60W of 1064nm output; a second that produces up to 45W at 532nm; and a third that produces up to 30W at 355nm.

The systems feature pulse widths tunable between two and six nanoseconds and repetition rates adjustable up to 2MHz. Pulse widths remain consistent with changes in rep rate. Output is diffraction-limited. A modular product design facilitates field servicing and upgrades as well as custom configurations.