gSKIN radiation sensor

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GreenTEG has launched the gSKIN radiation sensor portfolio. The thermal sensors measure the average power of lasers up to 50W in the spectral range of 190nm to 15μm. They are suitable for the measurement of tunable and IR lasers, and for determining the average power of short-pulse systems where the use of photodiodes is limited.

The thermopile technology in the sensor directly detects the average power and, unlike photodiodes, does not require integrating pulse energies. The compact design of the 0.6mm thin sensor modules (4 x 4mm to 23 x 23mm) allows for integration into both new and existing systems.

The radiation sensors are based on thermopile technology. When a laser beam hits the sensor surface, the laser power is converted into heat. The sensor then transforms the heat into an analogue voltage signal, which can be read out with a voltmeter or a data-logger. GreenTEG provides matching amplifier circuits and read-out electronics.