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H117 stage extension wings

Prior Scientific has introduced accessory mounting wings for its H117 stage for inverted microscopes, enabling the simple and precise integration of tools such as microfluidic pumps, micro-injectors, micromanipulators, probes and sensors.

Mounting accessories close to the stage facilitates the precise sample positioning required to create the optimal experimental set up for the application under study. The breadboard format of these wings - M6 tapped holes with 25mm spacing - allows easy mounting for a wide range of accessories.

The H117 range of stages is fully compatible with inverted microscopes from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon and Leica. It offers a travel range of 114 x 75mm, a maximum speed of 50mm/sec, repeatability of 0.2µm and an average metric accuracy of approximately 0.05µm/mm. 

The H117 microscope stage is controlled via the ProScan III control system which provides a flexible, high performance control system for Prior microscope accessories. Included in these accessories are motorised stages, focusing devices, filter wheels, illumination devices, shutters, and robotic sample loaders for well plates and slides.

ProScan III is designed to be versatile and simple to use, yet capable of automating complex microscopy applications that demand high precision and accuracy.


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