HD series

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EdgeWave has introduced the new HD-series of high-power Innoslab-lasers for industrial and scientific applications. The average powers of model HD40I-E and HD60I-E lasers are 400W and 600W respectively.

The new lasers have flexible beam profiles. They have high beam quality (with M2 less than 4), high pulse repetition rate (up to 150 kHz), short pulse length (12ns at 100kHz), high pulse energy (up to 60mJ) and high average power (up to 600W).

The new HD-series Innoslab lasers with circular beam profiles are well suited for precision machining micro features in all types of materials. Their short pulse length results in a minimal heat-affected zone. Typical applications are drilling of solar wafers and processing of glass at high speed.

The lasers with line shaped top-hat profile are the ideal sources for large area ablation of thin layers for example in photovoltaic and in car industry and for annealing to generate thin micro crystalline layers in display industry.

The lasers with square top-hat beam profile are especially favourable for structuring and ablation of conduction layers or dielectric layers for production of thin film solar cells, crystalline solar cells and flat display panels.