Magna EVO

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With maximum pulse energies of 250 millijoules at only 500 picosecond pulse width, the new DPSS Magna EVO laser system from InnoLas Laser is an ideal solution for many pulsed laser experiments. Applications such as lidar, time-resolved spectroscopy, plasma physics or nonlinear optics benefit from the combination of high peak power, high pulse energy and short pulse duration.

The fully diode-based pumping setup is optimised for repetition rates of 100 to 1,000Hz, which allows a considerable reduction in measurement time. Additionally, the long diode lifetime of more than two billion pulses leads to longer maintenance intervals and reduces service effort. The Magna EVO was developed by integrating two standard systems, the picolo oscillator and the SpitLight EVO, in a common monolithic housing.

This platform allows easy power scaling and flexible customisation to meet special customer requirements. By using standard components which have proven their reliability over many years, long term stability is guaranteed for demanding experiments.