High-brightness diode laser

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nLight has released its 0.75W 635nm high-brightness single-emitter diode laser that makes use of its nXLT technology. Available in either C-mount or HHL packages, it provides 0.75W of optical power from a 150μm wide emitter at 635nm. Primary applications include laser-based displays, machine vision, photodynamic therapy, and DNA sequencing.

Typical operating currents are around 1.5A with a compliance voltage of 2.2V and a wall-plug efficiency of over 20 per cent. Spectral width is less than 3nm, and typical beam divergence is less than 42° full-width at half maximum (FWHM) in the fast-axis direction, and less than 10 degrees FWHM in the slow-axis direction.

As an added feature, nLight can include an antireflective-coated cylinder lens to collimate the fast-axis to less than 2 degrees, FWHM, with greater than 95% power transmission.

The product is also a feature of nLight’s newly released 3W 635nm Pearl platform. For applications that need more than 1W of power, or need a fibre-coupled output, Pearl provides the perfect solution of high-brightness, long lifetime, and ease of integration due to its compact size and plug-and-play electrical connections.