High energy detection portofilo

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Andor Technology has announced the availability of its new comprehensive high energy detection portofilo.

Andor's range of camera detection solutions span the vacuum ultraviolet (UV), extreme UV, soft X-ray, hard X-ray and gamma energy ranges. These detectors use either direct detection of incoming high energy photons or indirect detection of photons emitted from a fibre-optic or lens coupled phosphor scintillator.

Dr Colin Coates, Andor's imaging product manager, said: 'Beyond Andor's broad range of standard high-energy cameras and accessories, we also offer a customer special request service, led by a highly experienced team of engineers and applications specialists.'

Andor's high-energy detection solutions are built around a range of imaging and spectroscopy camera platforms and sensor options. Each platform can be configured to interface with a variety of sampling environments, such as in-vacuum, vacuum attached or standalone Beryllium window designs. Cameras can also be configured with a protruding fibre optic, bonded to the sensor at one end, for detection of hard x-ray or gamma photons via indirect detection.