High Performance Beam Collimators

Optical Surfaces Ltd (OSL) has released a series of beam collimators, which are manufactured to better than lambda/10 p-v surface accuracy with an off-axis design that produces no central obscuration and obtains highly efficient transmission. 

Beam collimators are optical lens assemblies that take divergent or convergent incoming light rays and produce parallel light output. They can be used to replicate a target at infinity without parallax. Beam collimators can be used to calibrate other optical devices, to check if all elements are aligned on the optical axis, to set elements at proper focus, or to align two or more devices.  OSL Beam Collimators are the optical system of choice for applications including MTF testing, Optical resolution testing, Star simulation, MRTD testing and Boresight alignment and inspection.

The all-reflecting design of OSL beam collimators is achromatic and with aluminium/magnesium fluoride coatings can operate from the UV to the infrared without adjustment. Using zero expansion glass mirror substrates OSL beam collimators provide exceptional operational stability. Each system has an output port datum plane giving a defined distance to the focus. All beam collimators provide a 20mm field ensuring full compatibility with standard black bodies.

All optics within OSL beam collimators come pre-aligned in stress-free mounts. For ease of use each of the beam collimator's three feet is adjustable by +/- 10mm for centre height positioning. Unlike other collimator solutions, the OSL range is transportable from site to site while maintaining alignment.

A wide choice of options enables OSL beam collimators to be optimally tailored to suit a user's exact needs. For applications demanding the highest reflectivity and high damage threshold, ultra-hard dielectric, protected silver and gold laser coatings are available. For applications requiring operation over a wide temperature range athermalised beam collimators can be supplied. Standard models include exit apertures of 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 240mm and 300mm. Customised systems can be supplied with larger field sizes, different output interfaces and platforms. Other options include reticle holders, lamphouses and black bodies.