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High power laser diode stacked bar arrays

Many scientific and medical experiments utilise Hamamatsu Photonics state-of-the-art optical light sources and detectors. Hamamatsu is now increasingly well known for its developments in laser diode technology, and recently has introduced a new range of very high power laser diode products.

The work starts in Hamamatsu's materials research laboratory, fabricating new semi-conductors and developing new wafer processes to create laser diodes with higher power densities. Hamamatsu Photonics Laser Group implements advanced packaging solutions to mount the individual laser diode bars to form stacked arrays. These new laser diode stacked bar arrays are easily capable of emitting at powers of 40 W, 600 W, 1.0 kW, 5.0 kW and 11.0 kW, opening up a whole range of exciting new applications.

Combined with appropriate optical designs and cooling solutions, total output powers of 100s of kWs can be obtained from such laser diode configurations. Hamamatsu’s goal is to support global research aimed at producing abundant, clean, renewable energy for all from nuclear fusion.


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