High power LED drivers

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Marl Optosource has released a range of high power LED drivers to complement Lamina's TitanTurbo, believed to be one of the world's brightest LED light engines.

LED light engines can now match the luminosity of a 100W tungsten bulb – but this new generation of products imposes a much heavier load on the drive electronics. Marl has therefore introduced a new solution capable of driving an LED, drawing 5A at 12Vdc, and able to withstand an input inrush current of up to 40A. The units are IP54 certified and UL1310 Class 2 recognised, and are thus equally suitable for outdoor and other locations where they may be exposed to moisture, as for more benign indoor environments. 

The drivers are the ideal complement to the new Lamina TitanTurbo, distributed in the UK by Marl Optosource. These are the some of the first LED lights to match a 100W tungsten lamp, and are designed to replace the popular R-20 flood lights. Marl offers the TitanTurbo in two models – a 3,000K warm white version equal in light output to a 75-watt halogen PAR-30 or a 100-watt R-20 flood light; and a 4,700K daylight white (cool) model twice as bright.  

Delivering more than 2,000 lumens in daylight white and more than 1,000 lumens in warm white light, TitanTurbo LED light engines perform for all general lighting applications. The TitanTurbo Warm White has an enhanced red and orange colour spectrum that makes it ideal as a halogen or incandescent replacement. 

Marl Optosource complements its range of Lamina high power LEDs with a comprehensive range of accessories. In addition to the drive electronics, Marl Optosource offers lenses to enhance optical performance, heat sinks to maximise service life and compatible interconnect solutions.