High Precision USAF Test Chart

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Recognising the need for a higher resolution USAF 1951 test chart, Pyser-SGI has just introduced four new versions with detail down to Group 9, Element 3.

Users can select either positive or negative versions on either a square glass plate or microscope slide, to suit their application.

Pyser supply their slide version of USAF resolution chart in a stainless steel mount to reduce risk of breakage that is common in all-glass products. A unique serial number is engraved in the surface of the mount to give traceability.

The square plate version is imaged on a glass plate measuring 50mm x 50mm. This larger plate also has groups 0 and 1.

USAF resolution charts are recognised the world over as a universal standard for testing the vertical and horizontal resolution of imaging systems. Each element on the chart comprises three vertical bars and three horizontal bars, and the detail on this new slide is as fine as 0.78µm (644 line-pairs per mm). The resolution of the imagine system is normally specified as the Group and Element that is the finest that can be clearly defined.