Holoeye LR-C 1080 WUXGA SLM

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Elliot Scientific is distributing the LR-C 1080 high resolution spatial light modulator (SLM), manufactured by Holoeye Photonics. The device features widescreen ultra-extended graphics array resolution (WUXGA) of 1,920 × 1,200 pixels - more than two Megapixels. The LR-C 1080 model is capable of modulating light spatially in amplitude and phase via its computer-controlled reflective LCoS display.

The device's primary intended use is prototyping in industrial development and research. Its high resolution, 8.1µm pixel pitch, 16:10 screen aspect ratio and DVI interface also make it suitable for HDTV images.

Besides displays, other areas of use include diffractive optics, biophotonics, medical laser applications and material processing, in which high powered laser pulses need to be shaped by applied phase modulation.

LCoS displays offer high light efficiencies and the high contrast mode ensures excellent optical performance. Integration into optical systems is made easier thanks to the small display size and the availability of very long and flexible extension connections.

Driver software included with the device is compatible with all flavours of Windows. Simple generation of diverse dynamic optical functions like gratings, lenses, axicons and apertures is possible using the software, as is the calculation of diffractive optical elements (DOE) from user defined images.