Homegenisation optics

Dilas has recently begun producing solutions for homogenised area illumination. According to the company, homogenisation of radiation is becoming more and more important in thermal and medical applications. Dilas achieves this homogenisation by actively mixing laser radiation using crossed micro-lens-arrays (MLAs), resulting in a defined rearrangement of the light. This concept is an ideal solution for medical applications such as hair removal or dermatology, as well as for thermal treatments in industrial processes.

The innovative process leads to a uniformity of up to 95 per cent or more, with steep edges and no intensity spikes in a square-shaped 12 x 12mm spot at a defined working distance (62mm). The square-shape is best for rasterisation of larger areas with no overlap and very high coverage of the area. Other geometries are available upon request according to customer specifications. The homogenisation optics are suitable for a variety of fast-axis collimated diode laser beams. They can be attached to various Dilas products, such as the 12-bar water-cooled stack, delivering up to 1kW pulse power in the millisecond range, and are suitable for integration into a hand piece for hair removal due to their compact size.