ProgRes Mac Capture Pro Software

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All types of ProgRes microscope cameras from Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme can now be controlled by computers with an Apple Macintosh operating system. The new ProgRes Mac Capture Pro Software package controls all currently available models of the ProgRes camera product line, and is running on Apple computers with PowerPC, Intel processors and operating systems of version OS 10.3.9 and higher.

ProgRes Mac Capture Pro Software provides a simple and consistent user interface for all camera models. In the current 2.0 version, it includes very fast live image with zoom and image rotation capability, and automatic exposure setting with overexposure monitoring and histogram view.

Also featured are image settings with control options in live image mode for RGB colour adaptations, shading correction, gamma, contrast, brightness and saturation, as well as a time lapse function, monochrome mode for all types of ProgRes colour cameras, and analogue and digital gain.