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Intense has released the HPD7404 laser driver system, designed for current control and temperature compensation of the company's high-power free space or fibered visible laser components. Unlike traditional laser drivers, the HPD7404 is a complete, integrated system. Included are the current driver, temperature controller, and a choice of high power red laser diodes - 630, 635, or 655nm, up to 700mW, as well as 670 or 690nm, up to 1W. The system is designed for use in medical research and display applications, such as photodynamic therapy and RGB displays.

The HPD7404 is a compact, portable system that integrates a high power laser and thermoelectric cooler drivers. All control functions are accessed from the front panel. The operator can manually control up to 5A of laser current. Adjustable temperature control of up to 4A allows wavelength tuning of 2-3nm. System options include remote operation over RS-232 and external TTL modulation. IR wavelengths are also supported up to 1060nm at 1W.