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Intense has released the HPD6020 830nm high-power single emitter laser diodes. The HPD6020 are single-mode lasers with up to 200mW of output power at high beam quality. The lasers are based on the company's patented Quantum Well Intermixing technology, which increases the brightness and reliability of laser diodes while avoiding the usual problems associated with catastrophic optical mirror damage.

The HPD6020 provides the increased power, efficiency, and optical quality needed for new and demanding defence, medical, and print and imaging applications, including targeting, sighting, medical imaging and computer to plate

The HPD6020 is available in wavelengths of 830nm ± 5nm. Reliability is outstanding, with data in excess of 11 million operating hours. The lasers are available in a selection of standard packages, including 5.6mm, 9mm and C-mount. Monitor photo diodes are available on the 5.6mm and 9mm packages.