i-Raman Pro ST

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B&W Tek introduced the i-Raman Pro ST, a high throughput portable Raman spectrometer. Using the company’s See_Through technology, this system dramatically enhances Raman signatures, enabling the identification of materials inside visually opaque containers such as white plastic bottles and paper envelopes. 

The system’s large sampling area significantly improves analysis reproducibility for heterogeneous samples, while its minimised power density facilitates the measurement of darker materials that would be susceptible to photo damage under conventional Raman spectroscopy.

The i-Raman Pro ST is a fully integrated system with a built-in tablet computer preinstalled with BWSpec Mobile, an intuitive software that enables material identification and real-time predictions. This system has a variety of sampling accessories and a battery options that allows users to perform research-grade Raman capabilities either in the lab or out in the field.

Specialised sampling kits can also be used to take advantage of the high throughput design in addressing different application needs, including microscopy and stand-off Raman spectroscopy. This flexibility, combined with the system’s portability, makes the i-Raman Pro ST an ideal tool for a variety of demanding applications.