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iBeam smart WS

The iBeam smart WS, a compact OEM diode laser, features reliable wavelength stabilised laser diodes integrated into Toptica's successful iBeam smart platform. The iBeam smart WS merges an extremely narrow line-width with high beam quality, low power consumption and a high robustness.

Furthermore, the iBeam smart WS also offers a compact footprint and the known ease-of-use of a diode laser. This unique combination of laser parameters meets the requirements of applications that require high-coherence lasers, such as high-resolution Raman microscopy/spectroscopy, interferometry, holography, and gas sensing.

The innovative design of the iBeam smart WS ensures wavelength stability. The system maintains its performance even under harsh environmental conditions. Active thermal stabilisation of the laser diode ensures constant lasing conditions and an excellent beam-pointing stability, the company says.


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