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Femtofibre pro

Toptica has introduced a tunable 'ultra compressed pulse' model of its successful Femtofibre pro series. The system provides a supercontinuum between 980 and 1,400nm at more than 30mW output power. It features pulse durations even of 25fs or shorter, the shortest one can get on the market from a modelocked fibre laser system. The system is well-suited for biophotonics, pump-probe experiments or fs-spectroscopy.

The Femtofibre pro UCP is based on reliable saturable absorber mirror (SAM) mode-locking technology and a subsequent core-pumped fibre amplifier. This master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) platform is all-fibre and based completely on polarisation-maintaining fibres. The SAM technology ensures self-starting and a stable mode-locking under all laboratory conditions and the all-fibre setup robustness against environmental changes.

The system includes two motorised prism compressors; the first optimises the supercontinuum generated by a highly nonlinear fibre, while the second is used to optimise the pulse duration. Pulse durations in the range down to 13fs can be achieved. The standard repetition rate is 80MHz, but 40MHz rates are also available. Up to three fibre-coupled seed ports turn every Femtofibre pro model into a complex laser system for multi-beam experiments with optically synchronised laser pulses.


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