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III-V Epi joins UK VCSELs project

III-V Epi will consolidate its position as an essential part of the commercial, quantum technologies supply chain, following its involvement with the Innovate UK funded, SHARK-VECSELs project. The £50k project is focused on next-generation quantum timing applications in strontium-atom-based, optical clocks.

Professor Richard Hogg, CTO of III-V Epi, said, “The SHARK-VECSELs project will set III-V Epi up to supply commercial, quantum solutions. Pre-prototype VECSELs have already been successfully produced, through a collaboration between the University of Strathclyde, National Quantum Technology Hub for Sensing and Timing, and the Midlands Ultracold Atom Research Centre. This knowledge will be shared with III-V Epi, before adding our own expertise in phosphide-based, semiconductor heterostructures and custom-designed VECSELs (vertical-external cavity surface-emitting lasers). We will go on to fabricate the quantum SHARK-VECSELs, which the University of Strathclyde will test.

“Quantum technologies play a mission-critical role in defence, security and other sensitive markets, however, they typically require only low volume production quantities which large-scale, industry suppliers find prohibitive. III-V Epi was set up specifically to address this low-volume, fast turnaround market, including the supply of commercial quantum solutions.”

The UK-SHARK-VECSELs project full name is Supply cHAin for stRontium clocK Vertical External Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers.


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