ILAO deformable mirror

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Imagine Optic has introduced the ILAO (intense laser adaptive optics) deformable mirror, developed in conjunction with ISP Systems to respond to unmet needs in the domain of intense and ultra-high intensity lasers, such as those being used in defence and high-energy physics research. The company intends the mirror to be used with its HASO3 Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors and CASAO adaptive optics command & control software.

The ILAO mirror offers pupil diameters of up to 350mm, and reflective membranes with 100 per cent dielectric, high damage threshold coatings as well as standard metallic coatings. The membranes can be quickly and easily swapped-out. In comparison to other deformable mirrors, ILAO is capable of correcting complex aberrations up to several tens of microns in magnitude with a precision of 20nm and without the print-through effect that can cause unwanted hotspots. It can equally function at angles of incidence up to 45°. Once the desired mirror shape has been achieved, ILAO can be disconnected from its power source and still maintain its shape, eliminating potential drifting due to internal heat generated by the device.