Illuminated Telecentric Lens Family

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In-line Illumination Telecentric Lenses offer long working distances and a port for a fibre illuminator, providing tools for difficult machine vision challenges that require accurate measurements of objects at varying distances, with limited room for imaging and lighting.
Telecentric lenses offer accurate measurement because the apparent size of objects doesn't change with distance from the lens. Edmund Optics' family of In-line Illumination Telecentric Lenses overcomes that limitation by incorporating a port for a ¼-inch fibre optic light guide. The in-line illumination option is critical for many applications that require the light to be placed directly on top of the object under inspection. This gives the object very flat lighting and even illumination across the entire field of view.
All eight members of the family have a working distance of 120mm, are designed to work with a sensor as large as a 2/3-inch format, and offer magnifications ranging from 0.5X to 6X. Each lens also includes a lockable ring to rotate the lens and ensure alignment with the camera sensor. A second family of shorter working distance lenses will be available later in the year, offering a 65mm working distance, with in-line illumination.