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Hamamatsu has introduced a new member to its family of EM-CCD cameras. ImagEM is a universal camera for low-light fluorescence imaging, ultra-low light luminescence imaging and even high dynamic range brightfield imaging. It is the ideal solution for applications in life sciences, materials research and industrial imaging.

The camera features a deep cooling system with both fan-assisted air or circulating water. Its dark current levels are down to 0.001 electrons/pixel/second with a temperature stability of +/-0.05°C at -80°C.

Its CCD mode features include long integration due to its low noise, as well as high dynamic range imaging. In electron multiplication mode, the low temperature cooling offers stabilised gain up to 1,200 times, over a wide range of ambient temperatures for live cell biology applications. A patent-pending ‘Photon Imaging’ mode is ideal for single photon imaging.

Special features for use with real-time confocal microscopes include perfect synchronisation to spinning disks and multipoint confocals. This is possible even if the disk speeds are not constant. Another new feature is the built-in real-time image processing functions for live recursive filtering, background subtraction and shading correction.