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Coherent has launched the IndyStar, a compact industrial excimer laser with a long tube lifetime providing increased reliability and lower overall cost of ownership for OEMs and end users. Specifically, the IndyStar incorporates the company's excimer tube design, the RoHS-Almeta, which delivers several billion pulses at 193 and 248nm. This ArF laser produces stabilised energies of 8mJ/pulse at 193nm and 12mJ at 248nm operation, at repetition rates of up to 1kHz with a small beam cross-section (6 x 3mm).

The IndyStar has been designed as a next-generation replacement for the ExciStar S-Industrial excimer laser and to simplify integration, all critical dimensions, power connections, computer interfaces and main performance parameter of the IndyStar are identical to the ExciStar S‑Industrial. IndyStar's high repetition rate and stabilised, low-noise output make it suitable for applications in precision manufacturing and inspection, including photomask inspection and inkjet nozzle drilling, as well as in several micromachining applications.

The Almeta tube technology enables reliable components with long lifetimes to be produced. Organic materials have been eliminated from the former metal-ceramic FutureTube design and a change in the arrangement of the electrode capacitors lowers the charge density at the electrodes, without reducing the output power of the tube. As a result, the IndyStar offers increased tube lifetimes, and dynamic gas lifetimes, when compared to its predecessor. The IndyStar will be available for ArF (193nm) and KrF (248nm) operation.