Integrity VCS

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Newport Corporation has introduced its Integrity VCS series vibration control system designed to provide an economical and stable platform for basic photonic research and development at universities, government, or corporate labs. All systems include a steel honeycomb damped optical platform and a mating support frame that is available with or without active levelling pneumatic isolators.

Integrity VCS systems are available with traditional 8-inch or 12-inch thick optical platforms and a new 6-inch thick platform which is ideal for less demanding applications. All platforms feature a full array of tapped holes, ¼-20 or M6, that extend to a ½-inch from the edges and include Newport’s patented sealed-hole design to prevent core contamination and make clean-up and small part retrieval easy.

Integrity VCS optical platforms also incorporate the same reinforced truss, vertically-bonded core design as Newport’s higher performance optical platforms such as the SmartTable and RS Series. This provides maximum rigidity and reduces relative platform motion due to dynamic, static, and thermal forces.