Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Safety Frames

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Univet has released range of safety frames for use in intense pulsed light (IPL) applications, which will be distributed by ES Technology.

IPL is commonly used as a method of removing hair from the body. This technology is based upon a xenon flash lamp and focusing optics. As a less expensive and faster alternative to laser hair removal, the increasing use of IPL technology brings with it the growing need for adequate eye protection for users and patients alike.

IPL technology uses full spectrum (non-coherent) light together with low range infrared radiation, which is filtered to produce a specified range of wavelengths. This filtered light is then delivered to the skin using a hand-held wand with the intense light travelling through the skin until it strikes the shaft or root of the hair. At this point the light energy is converted to heat energy and the hair root and shaft are instantly vaporised.

This new range of eyewear has been specifically designed for use within the IPL application arena and includes a number of different frame styles, which not only offer high protection levels, but are also comfortable to wear and stylish.