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IR coatings

Deposition Sciences is now offering coatings that operate in the 3 to 5μm and the 8 to 12μm infrared (IR) spectral regions. These specialised coatings for high performance in the IR spectrum are ideal for many sophisticated military, aerospace and industrial tasks that require robust coating solutions.

DSI has developed a variety of coating types within these two wavelength regions, including AR (antireflection), high reflectors, beam splitters, dichroic coatings and band pass filters. The coatings are stable, extremely durable, and meet or surpass the strict standards of most military applications, including missile seeker head requirements.

The various thin film coatings can be applied onto many diverse substrates using DSI’s specialised coating processes. Substrate materials include sapphire, silicon, germanium, zinc sulfide, zinc selenide, assorted metals and ceramics, as well as most glass types compatible with the extended infrared spectral region.

DSI’s proprietary MicroDynâ sputtering technology yields high performance, highly durable optical coatings. The precision, uniform coatings are extremely stable over temperature and humidity changes, meeting or exceeding many of the established military and aerospace standards.


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