IBS coatings for MWIR lenses

BFi Optilas, thanks to its collaboration with Precision Photonics, is announcing its capabilities to provide a MWIR coating for complex shapes like the inside of a domes and steep radius lenses. This includes robust, broadband anti-reflection (BBAR) coatings for the 3-5μm spectral range along with extremely high temperature operation and survivability. PPC’s IBS technique, a method proven to be more robust than magnetron sputtering, solves challenging variable-thickness requirements by using shadow masking to control coating uniformity. Coupled with a sophisticated 3D model, the manufacturers can deterministically predict the proper mask shape for most applications.

Recent results on a NAVAIR contract have demonstrated proper spectral transmission (coating thickness profile) for the dome, and operational survivability to 1000º C. Other examples of MWIR IBS coatings done at PPC include narrowband AR coatings at 3.4μm and short-wave pass dichroic mirrors with high reflectance at 3.1μm and high transmittance at 1.5μm.