IsoPlane 160

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Princeton Instruments has launched the IsoPlane 160 imaging spectrograph, which brings the company’s IsoPlane SCT 320 to a smaller-footprint instrument.

The 160mm focal length spectrograph includes high spectral and spatial resolution across the entire 27 x 14mm focal plane, as well as complete flexibility in spectral coverage, resolution, and wavelength range thanks to a triple-grating turret. The IsoPlane 160 acquires hundreds or thousands of colours simultaneously, enabling life and physical science applications.

The instrument is supported by Princeton Instruments’ 64-bit LightField software (with available IntelliCal wavelength calibration), Princeton Instruments’ 32-bit WinSpec software, and National Instruments’ LabView software. Researchers can also use their own acquisition software with the Princeton Instruments software developer’s kit (SDK).

Key applications for the IsoPlane 160 spectrograph include multichannel spectroscopy, microspectroscopy, Raman scattering, fluorescence, photoluminescence, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS), Fourier-domain spectroscopy, biomedical imaging, and most other spectroscopic imaging and non-imaging techniques.