ISP 1000 integrating sphere

The ISP 1000 integrating sphere has been introduced by Instrument Systems. The ISP 1000 has been designed with a diameter of one metre, allowing precise measurement of the total radiant power and luminous flux of light sources. It is particularly suitable for larger and more powerful LED modules with applications in solid-state lighting.

Test samples can be placed inside the integrating sphere on a height-adjustable sample stage, or in a lamp post with suspended or upright configuration. These set-ups enable the total luminous flux to be determined in all directions. Alternatively, the light radiation can be shone from outside through a side port, allowing the heat dissipated from large, high power LED modules to be kept out of the sphere. Shining light from the side is useful for testing light engines, with applications in solid-state lighting, if they have a forward radiation pattern.

Advanced design and low measurement uncertainty are integral to the ISP 1000. Its design reduces the compromising effect of baffles and ports to a minimum, thereby permitting more accurate measuring than previous designs.