Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800/3600

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Jenoptik has developed the Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800/3600 product family. In the system different processing modules can be integrated to provide a solution for all relevant photovoltaic laser processes, including metal/emitter wrap through, selective emitter doping, laser ablation of dielectric layer, laser edge isolation, laser-fired contacts, and thermal laser separation.

Depending on what the customer needs, a configuration for an R&D system with maximum throughput of 1,000 wafers per production day or a fully automatic production machine with over 3,600 wafers an hour can be chosen. In addition to integration in new factories, the system can also upgrade current operational production lines.

The service-friendly wafer transportation concept can be adapted to the different transport solutions installed in production lines. Freely selectable options and the modular design provide utmost flexibility to the customer. With Jenoptik-Votan Solas 1800/3600 from Jenoptik, the customer can cut production costs, increase throughout or improve cell efficiency.