Industrial laser manufacturer JK Lasers has launched a 2kW fibre laser, the JK2000FL that can be used with different diameter fibres from 100µm to 300µm for cutting and welding sheet metal.

The JK2000FL can cut 15mm thick low carbon steel (LCS), 6mm aluminium alloys and 10mm stainless steel (304SS). It can also weld 8mm LCS and 304SS. The JK2000FL can be used for tailored blank welding, component welding, remote welding and hydroformed tube cutting in automotive applications, and laser cladding and the titanium welding of aircraft skins in the aerospace industry.

JK Lasers claims that the JK2000FL is up to ten times more energy efficient compared to Nd:YAG lasers. This is because it uses laser diode pumping at high conversion rates, delivering wall-plug efficiencies of over 25 per cent. JK Lasers also points to the long mean time to failure of over 300,000 hours for the individual laser pump sources.

The JK2000FL is fitted with JK Lasers’ detachable plug in, pre-aligned beam delivery fibres, which incorporates patented back reflection protection to protect the laser from damage when processing highly reflective materials such as aluminium, copper, brass and titanium.