High-power laser diodes

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Pro-Lite Technology has announced several new high power laser diodes from QPC that can be used in Raman spectroscopy. QPC has developed a new series of laser diodes using a non-absorbing mirror (NAM ) technology that yields CW output powers up to 10W from 100µm single emitters and even higher powers from larger emitters and arrays. By incorporating an internal monolithic Bragg grating inside the structure during wafer processing, centre wavelengths can be fabricated to ± 0.5nm precision and the DBR narrows the linewidth from typically 2.5nm to <0.5nm (i.e factor of five) and also reduces the temperature dependence to a quarter, meaning improved wavelength stability with varying operating temperatures. QPC has produced extreme brightness single frequency and single transverse mode lasers using this technology combined with a tapered amplifier section on chip.