JK400FL 400W CW fibre laser

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GSI Group, Laser Division, is continuing to enhance its range of JK fibre lasers, with the launch the new JK400FL 400W CW fibre laser, doubling the available power of the range.

The JK400FL has all the advantages already demonstrated by the other units in the range, but with increased power and performance. Capable of faster processing speeds and the capacity to cut and weld thicker materials, these improvements make for a highly efficient machine that is both time saving and cost effective.

Applications laboratory analysis shows superior performance over traditional laser processing with increased cut quality and speed, lower dross levels and smooth spatter free welds. The stable single resonator and in-built pulse shaping capability are other features that make this laser stand out from the crowd. Despite the increased power GSI have kept the JK400FL compact and simple. The absence of free space optics means there is a little or no maintenance required.