K41 and CS405 series of laser diodes

Laser Components has released the K41 and CS405 series of fibre-coupled high-power laser diodes. At 405nm, output power from the fibre varies from 20mW to 100mW. Optimum optical and electronic performance is achieved through the alignment of the 3µm to 60µm fibres.

In addition to an outstanding coupling efficiency, the fibre connection features long-term stability and optimal beam performance. If desired, the company can also equip the fibre end with an optical connector, with a choice between FC, ST, and SMA connectors.

The K41 series emits up to 100mW from a 60µm multimode fibre with a numerical aperture of 0.22, and up to 30mW from a 3µm single-mode fibre with an NA of 0.12. The CS405 series achieves an even better coupling efficiency, emitting 60mW from a 4.5µm fibre with an NA of 0.06.

All components are supplied in a robust metal housing. Depending on the design, the laser diodes are also available with a thermoelectric cooler and/or a thermistor. They are thus ideally suited for use in medical technology, material processing, illumination, printing, biochemical analyses, and scientific applications.