The Katana

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Onefive has developed a series of pulsed picosecond laser sources for microscopy and other applications, the Katana, a single-box multi-colour ps laser systems.

Given the increasing demand for multi-wavelength excitation lasers for microscopy, the Katana HP fibre laser sources now come together in a single packaging solution to provide multi-colour laser sources. The first dual-colour excitation system, at 532nm and 635nm, has been already tested and integrated with the STED depletion laser at 775nm to offer Leica Microsystems a complete laser solution for STED microscopy.

Combining the 532/635nm excitation colours with the 775nm depletion laser proved to give very efficient results for several dyes. Other combinations of excitation and depletion wavelengths for many other dyes are also possible.

The Katana platform offers the versatility of continuously tuning the pulse repetition rate, from pulse on demand up to 120MHz. Pulse duration can range from less than 20ps up to 1ns. Various wavelengths ranging from the near infrared, the visible to the UV are available.

Onefive lasers are designed and qualified for 24/7 operation under harsh environments. A focused product development approach provides a dust-sealed, maintenance-free small footprint product with reliable turn-key operation at a competitive price throughout the complete product fleet.