KTN vari-focal lens

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At Optatec 2016, AMS technologies demonstrated how its high speed KTN vari-focal lens shifts the incoming light from a laser operating at two wavelengths. The focal length of the lens can be varied in one micro second by supplying voltage to the KTN crystal.

The focal length of the lens can be varied in a matter of micro seconds. The fast response times enable easier automation, as the function is driven completely electronically without the use of any moving mechanical parts.

A 3D image can be obtained by changing the focal-length continuously or shifting it instantly. The KTN vari-focal lens works as a convex lens and the focal-length is varied in proportion to the square of the supplied voltage. The lens can be applied to various fields because a voltage of 1kV can result in a focal-length shift of 4cm in a lens with f=25cm. The KTN vari-focal lens can be employed in all application areas that require the light to be focused, such as microscopy, OCT, various types of experiments, sensing, laser processing.