L3 Line Laser

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Limo has announced that its L³ Line Laser generates a very homogeneous illuminated line for scanning a solar cell 156mm by 156mm in size.

The L³ Line Laser’s wavelength of 790 or 808nm makes the spectral separation of the laser beam and photoluminescence signal easier. It is due to this property that photoluminescence systems can measure with laser illumination very quickly and reliably. Unlike electro-luminescence systems, photoluminescence is a contact-free testing system and thus destruction-free. This gentle measuring method reduces the costs for mechanical setup and prevents damage.

At the same time Limo offers beam shaping modules that homogeneously illuminate a complete field under a certain angle. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg has already tested the interaction between high-performance diode lasers and the beam shaping modules.