L50(300)A-IPL Head

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Ophir Optronics has introduced the L50(300)A-IPL Head, specifically designed for energy and power measurement in IPL applications. The Model L50(300)A-IPL Head has a large 65mm aperture, and a special window that enables measurement of IPL sources, using gel or liquid coupling, to accurately simulate the conditions of clinical use.

Additional features of the L50(300)A-IPL include a high damage threshold, spectral response from 0.5-1µm, and energy scales of 6J to 300J. The calibration accuracy for most contact-coupled IPL sources is ±6 per cent. The IPL head can also measure average power up to 50W continuous and 300W intermittent.

The L50(300)A-IPL Energy Detector is compatible with all Ophir smart displays. Ophir’s smart displays are plug-and-play instruments that can be connected to any of more than 70 Ophir smart Thermopile, Pyroelectric and Photodiode detector heads.