Lambda SX Series

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Coherent has introduced three new models to its Lambda SX series of high power, industrial excimer lasers. The LSX 200C delivers 200Watts at 308nm (XeCl), the LSX 200K provides 200W at 248nm (KrF), and the LSX 300K produces 300W at 248nm (KrF); all these lasers operate at up to 300Hz. Lambda SX series lasers each feature all solid state switching for high reliability, an external resonator design for enhanced beam stability, PowerLok technology for burst operation stabilisation, and TimeLok operation for more accurate triggering and time jitter reduction. These lasers also introduce an enhanced software interface for improved real time control, greater ease of use, implementation of e-diagnostics and optimised maintenance scheduling.

The Lambda SX series is intended to offer the lowest cost per ultraviolet Wh (watt hour) for a wide range of demanding, high duty cycle, industrial processing tasks. These include high throughput micromachining and surface treatment of a variety of plastics and glass materials, structuring of Transparent Conductive Oxides (e.g. ITO, ZnO), patterning of thin metal films on flexible plastic substrates, thin film annealing, and reel-to-reel Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD).