LAPD 3050

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OSI Laser Diode introduced the LAPD 3050, an InGaAs avalanche photodiode (APD) module designed for light level detection and/or signal transmission applications. The new 50µm active area device features low dark current, low back reflection, and 2.5Ghz of speed in a miniature package. With spectral responses from 1,000nm to 1,650nm at 25ᵒC, the typical operational wavelength is 1,550nm. 

The APD is housed in a hermetically sealed 3-pin coaxial package and coupled to a single-mode fibre pigtail. The overload-tolerant LAPD 3050 device is ideal for use in optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), line receivers, and long haul applications. The breakdown voltage is from 50V minimum to 70V maximum, and operating and storage temperatures range from -40ᵒC to +85ᵒC.