Laser diode modules

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Frankfurt Laser Company now offers the FEBP line of discrete mode narrow bandwidth laser diodes from Eblana Photonics of Dublin, Ireland. The laser diodes come in discrete wavelengths in the range 690-2,150nm. Output powers are available up to 10mW from SM/PM optical fibre. The laser diodes have low spectral bandwidth and the housing incorporates an optical isolator to ensure performance stability.

Frankfurt Laser Company has also introduced a new line of high performance, low cost DPSS green modules from Lasence. The range features modules with output from 1-50mW.

Also available are the FRLD-635-5.00-FC100-2Pin fibre-coupled laser, emitting at 635nm and delivering 5W from a 105μm core fibre at high brightness; an IR laser diode module for military applications, with 0.9mW output power at 850nm and beam divergence 0.5mrad; and a new line of high brightness fibre coupled modules operating at 1,470nm, 1,530nm, 1,850nm and 1,905nm and with 60W power from an optical fibre.