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Laser marker LP-V15

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SUNX has released its latest generation of laser markers, which use an enhancement of YAG technology called FAYb (Fibre Amplified Ytterbium) within a working area of 160mm x 160mm.

These fibre lasers provide several advantages over traditonal Nd:YAG systems, such as a better marking quality, smaller housing dimensions, a significantly longer lifetime of more than 30,000 hours and lower fixed costs because FAYb systems consume much less power (390VA) and get by with simple air cooling.

Due to their average output of 12W (compared to 50W of a YAG laser), SUNX’s LP-V series Laser Markers can mark nearly all metals using the laser processes of deep marking or black marking. Using the laser processes of internal foaming, carbonisation (colour change) or bleaching, resins can be marked or even modified with outstanding quality.

 LP-V series come equipped with an encoder interface to mark moving objects, e.g. objects on an assembly line. Other standard features of the LP-V  series include a code function (Data Matrix, various bar codes, etc.) and standard functions such as counters, expiry date and lot number generation.