Laser mirror line

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Edmund Optics has expanded its laser mirror line with the introduction of the Tech Spec high-energy excimer family of laser mirrors. These mirrors minimise scatter from high-power UV lasers, including Krypton-Fluoride (248nm), Xenon-Chloride (308nm) and Xenon-Fluoride (351nm) lasers.

The mirrors offer very low loss and high damage thresholds, as well as excellent thermal stability and low wavefront distortion. All mirrors are designed for a 45° angle of incidence and feature very low polarisation dependence. Additional mirrors are available for XeFl lasers operating even further into the UV at 193nm, and for beams that arrive at the mirror at a 0° angle of incidence.

The mirrors, based on thin-film dielectric coatings on fused-silica substrates, offer 10-5 surface quality, and are available in diameters of 12.5mm and 25mm. The mirrors are damage tested using 10ns excimer laser pulses at the specified wavelengths.