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Laser Quantum demonstrates robust and reliable lasers

Laser Quantum has launched the first in its series of the ‘robust and reliable laser’ videos. The launch video demonstrates the gem laser vs. the Range Rover. The new series has been created to highlight the quality and long lifetimes in Laser Quantum’s products and show this through real life examples. Although these examples are unlikely to ever happen, and it would obviously void the warranty if it did, the video provides a visual understanding of the testing each laser is put through before release to the market.

Laser Quantum aims to provide exceptionally designed, defect-free goods to all its customers with quality and lifetimes to exceed their expectations. Each laser is built with a robust testing system and meticulous checks; the Quality Management System (QMS) maintains the British Standard ISO 9001:2008 certification for the design, manufacture and support of lasers to the photonics industry.

Steve Lane, operations director said ‘This video is an excellent representation of all the actual testing each and every laser of ours goes through. Highlighting both the robustness and reliability characteristics of our lasers is an accolade to the staff at Laser Quantum who both design and build the lasers. Despite the touch of humour in the video, we ensure that every laser is robustly tested and meets the Quality Management System we have in place to provide only the best products to our customers and the marketplace.’

To watch the launched video, please click here.


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